Is Kamagra legal?

What does Kamagra mean?

Kamagra is sold as erectile dysfunction (ED) medication. It is made in India and is commonly sold without a prescription online. Most people buy exported Kamagra from India as they see it as a cheap alternative to Viagra, Cialis or Levitra.

Yet irrespective of the illness or type of treatment we’re talking about, taking prescription-only medication without a prescription from a doctor carries a lot of potential danger. After being told by a doctor to do so, you should only take prescription drugs, whether for ED or other conditions. Therefore, while Kamagra may be very close to Viagra, it is a massive and unnecessary risk to purchase it from offshore websites.

Kamagra is the company of one of India’s fastest-growing pharmaceutical companies, Ajanta Pharma Limited. Kamagra continues to be the most popular product among all the generic versions of Viagra available, sold on the internet as the generic alternative to the original Viagra.

What’s an ED?

“A persistent inability to achieve or maintain a healthy erection for satisfactory sexual intercourse” is the official ED definition. We all know it can be different from men to people to deal with ED. This disorder, though not dangerous, dramatically affects sexual intimacy and self-confidence, thus reducing the quality of life.

Statistics indicate that this health problem affects up to 7 percent of men aged 18-29, with the prevalence of ED increasing from men aged 50 to 59.

Three forms of ED exist: primary secondary, and contextual.

Primary ED happens when, during sexual activity, a person has never been able to get an erection; in other words, his battle with ED has been a lifetime experience. Secondary ED is more common and happens when, in the past, a man has the potential to get an erection and engage in sexual activity, but can’t. Situation ED happens when a man only encounters erectile issues on certain days (e.g. when he has sex with a new better half and experiences “performance anxiety”). It can be a very disturbing and frustrating experience for many males to have erectile difficulties. Understanding that ED is very common and can be handled is important.

When is ED happening?

When men grow older, the ED becomes more popular. Many medical situations, such as heart disease and diabetes, are also associated with it. In fact, diabetic men are four times more likely than diabetes-free men to develop ED. Patients with diabetes tend to develop ED 10-15 years earlier than healthy men and have more severe cases.

What is ED causing?

There are many parts that may affect the ability of a male to achieve or maintain an erection. The age is the most common factor. Males aged between 55 and 59 are more likely than males aged 18-24 to have erectile issues by more than 14 percent. This does not mean that every human over the age of 55 has an erectile dysfunction. Further physiological and psychological problems arise with increasing age, which can be linked to erectile problems.

Poor blood circulation in the body, especially in the penis, is a common cause of erectile problems. As blood flows into the cavernous and spongy tissue running the length of the penis, the penis becomes erect.

Any of many circulatory problems may restrict the rate at which blood may flow into the penis and may cause increased circulatory problems. People with blood clots, low blood pressure, and/or heart problems are more likely to experience erectile problems than others. Also at risk are people who are on cardiovascular medicines (which limit blood flow).

Those who use alcohol, nicotine, cocaine, and other substances that may interfere with sexual function are at risk of erectile problems. While some drugs such as alcohol and cocaine can cause erectile problems during use, others create problems after extended use, such as nicotine.

Is the rule of Kamagra?

When you get ED treatment, you may wonder why you haven’t heard of Kamagra and why your doctor or pharmacist never told you about it. This is due to the fact that Kamagra is illegal in the UK. This is because it is not approved and may not meet standards of safety and performance. Although the alleged active ingredient in Kamagra is sildenafil citrate, which is the same as in Viagra and Sildenafil, its effectiveness can not be guaranteed and is therefore not permitted to be prescribed.

Discrepancies between the approved drugs for the treatment of ED and Kamagra may include discrepancies in how the drugs are made. The many other ingredients that make up the tablets are other variations. This can affect how they break down in the body, how long they last, how easily they exert their effect and their effect strength. Because Kamagra is not licensed in the UK, it is not possible to control these aspects.

Is it possible to use Kamagra?

For a number of reasons, buying Kamagra or any drug in this way is incredibly unsafe.

First, if you receive a product at all, the “cheap Viagra” you are buying is not subject to rigorous clinical testing and may not contain what the seller says it is doing.


Kamagra is an illegal drug and it’s really dangerous for you, as we said before. There are other options to consider and discuss with your doctor. He’ll tell you which drug is best for you. Before being approved by the National Health Authority, sildenafil, avanafil, tadalafil, and vardenafil were thoroughly tested as safe for use in the treatment of ED.